In our country, coffee is not only a cultural phenomenon but also an important business factor. In the Ho.Re.Ca sector, the market for coffee machines on loan for use is an unstoppable trend. Coffee shops, ice-cream parlours and restaurants are increasingly choosing this solution in their business with coffee roasters because it is more advantageous, both from an economic point of view and in terms of managing the machine itself. Thanks to the loan for use, in fact, the accommodation facilities save on the purchase cost of the machine and, in addition to the supply of coffee, they also obtain a series of maintenance services to prevent possible breakdowns and interruptions in coffee production. This is particularly significant for coffee shops, which obtain 80% of their turnover from coffee.

The structures of the Ho.Re.Ca sector, therefore, obtain in exchange for the loyalty to the main product, coffee, a set of maintenance services, periodic checks and verification of the machine on loan, which the roaster is responsible for.

For roasting companies, the supply of coffee machines on loan to coffee shops and restaurants, as well as the supply of raw materials and other accessories to make the service more complete and support marketing, involves a series of actions and processes that can sometimes be difficult to manage.

Software Business has developed an innovative application to support companies in the coffee roasting sector in managing all aspects of the loan agreement.

In fact, before entering into a contractual relationship with a Ho.Re.Ca operator, roasters often need to carefully assess whether the provision of the machine on loan is a worthwhile investment.

The app developed by the Software Business team supports this first step of the process. The initial connection between the roasting company and the individual accommodation facility is made through a network of commercial agents who are responsible for an initial assessment of the potential acquisition of new affiliates for the roaster. The app is therefore a simple and flexible tool for an initial economic analysis.

This is what the application allows you to do:

  • Enter a request regarding a new affiliate or customers already in the portfolio, in real time. Requests can be for new loans, replacements, but also for adjustments to invoice and extra-invoice discounts and premiums;
  • Obtain, always in real time, an overview of all aspects of the loan agreement;
  • Create a direct connection between the roasting company and the affiliate various requests to guarantee a rapid and comprehensive response.

Requests from the app then go directly to the company and, if it is a potential new affiliate, a report on the profitability of the new acquisition is immediately initiated, using parameters including turnover potential and marketing and advertising assessments. If, depending on the various indicators, the application is not deemed profitable, only top management can give the go-ahead: in this way the various levels of responsibility are certified and tracked.  

The advantages of using the app lie in the possibility of quickly obtaining a picture of the economic profitability of the potential new affiliate, but also in the streamlining of the procedures for managing the various aspects of the loan agreement. In fact, all requests are centralised in the app, with a single information flow, and checked through specific SAP business intelligence solutions.

Software Business, which has been actively involved for years in creating specific solutions for the agri-food sector and in particular for roasting companies, thanks to the know-how of its team of professionals, is the right partner for your business!!