Every company using advanced systems like SAPhas to face challenges like avoiding or rapidly solving potential technical problems related to applicable operability. In order to avoid slowing down processes and to contribute to the achievement of business goals, it is essential to be able to rely on an efficient service of Application Management System (AMS) and solve rapidly any problem related to system use which might arise. 

AMS: what is it and which are the benefits for customers

AMS is an informative and supportive service for customers It is a real reference point for customers who need to receive information quickly before, during or after a certain call for action.  Moreover, the AMS will ensure:

  • a greater traceability of interventions 
  • average time reduction of taking in charge and resolution of anomalies
  • a greater greater quality of interventions. 

A flexible service

To guarantee efficient processes and continuity of production and services it is of strategic importance to bet on AMS. Software Business offers an extremely flexible and custom-designed service based on the needs of different kinds of companies: from the big to the small and medium-sized enterprises. With AMS a company can focus solely on its own core businessleaving to the Software Business experts control and resolution of SAP system criticalities. 

AMS: first and second level

From the operative point of view, the main reference for this service is represented byHelpdeskwhich receives all the requests of assistance from users. Each request results in opening a ticket and consequently tracking and monitoring of later developments. AMS can be of first and seconfid level.The first level Helpdesk involves the team of resources suitable for managing the request and supporting the customer directly, resulting in opening a ticket. 

If the issue consists of small problems, it is promptly resolved. Otherwise, if the request consists of a more complex criticality, it falls within thesecond level Helpdesk and goes to experts in the field for a more thorough investigation. Once the ticket is open through a request sent by email, to which a priority can be assigned in case of more open requests, the customer can check the progress by accessing a portal. Software Business Moreover, Software Business provides the customers with applications from which it is possible to directly open a ticket, without sending the email to the Helpdesk. This helps to increase the speed of response and the resolution of problems.