Software Business, SAP partner Open Ecosystem

Software Business Srl was founded in 2004 with operational headquarters in Avellino.
The experience, the pragmatism of the methodological approach and the constant attention to quality have allowed Software Business Srl and its customers to successfully complete numerous SAP projects in different sectors: commercial distribution to production on order and service companies . The company's offer, based mainly on design and ongoing assistance, is aimed at companies in all sectors and includes a complete portfolio of services and solutions to support the entire life cycle of an SAP software system.
Software Business Srl stands out for its ability to implement one of the most competitive commercial and pricing policies on the market, offering SAP solutions suitable for the SME market at certain costs and times, thus contributing to making SAP a truly flexible and efficient tool. in line with the cost and performance expectations of customers.

Software Business, SAP partner Open Ecosystem, brings SAP, the most used management software in business, to your company. We were born in 2004 from the ten-year experience in SAP management of our founders who, as former BULL consultants, have brought the skills of multinationals towards the functionality of SMEs.


  • To be recognized as a concrete support to the company management by making our “Know-how” available to provide optimal IT strategies and techniques in all business processes.
  • Promote the dissemination of management analysis tools created to facilitate and control the organizational structure such as management control and data warehouses.
  • Helping companies to make the best use of IT leverage to continuously improve their operational processes and increase the competitive capacity of their organizational structure.


Being a certified company allows you to differentiate yourself in a competitive environment such as the one we live in today and thus become, in the eyes of both customers and potential customers, a security to successfully achieve your goals.

Software Business Srl cares deeply about their satisfaction and this is confirmed by the commitment and dedication that it shows in wanting to continually improve its skills and expand skills

A company that has been certified for quality for years (ISO 9001), Software Business Srl has also adapted to the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 which replaced the old standard dated 2008 in order to best ensure the needs expressed and not of its customers and the continuous improvement of their satisfaction.
The current strategy for the medium to long term provides for:
• Focus on management software solutions, in the SME market, trying to achieve a leadership position for the quality of the offer; i:
• Consolidate the acquired image by becoming the reference supplier of ICT products / services for SMEs in the national territory;
• Consolidate the partnership with customers and suppliers by improving the performance of the processes necessary to achieve concrete results
• Ensure the provision of increasingly qualified training

Software Business Srl has successfully achieved the validation issued on 02/03/2011 by SAP for the Business All-In-One solution relating to the Baseline in the Production, Commerce and Services sectors.
Using this method, Software Business Srl offers companies management solutions in compliance with both implementation times and costs.
Software Business Srl with the certification is authorized to use the go to market Fast-Start Program.

The "SAP NetWeaver Technical Consultant - System Administration" certification validates not only the skills and preparation of SAP Technical Consultant in the implementation of projects but also the necessary help to customers or managers in carrying out their key processes through tools, actions and methodologies that fall into the technical area.
Through the knowledge of SAP System Administrator certified by SAP, formal qualification is obtained for the implementation of projects as a Technical Consultant: new installations, release migrations, system operation and administration, maintenance, etc.

If you are interested in training courses or professional experience at Software Business Srl, send us your Curriculum Vitae