Since the entry into force of the so-called GDPR (General data protection regulation), starting from 25 May 2018, the question relating to the security of sensitive data within the management systems.Indeed, with the Gdpr, the need of a company management system that is able to ensure the protection and all the verifications during the processing of all the personal data, cannot be disregarded.


In management systems, as a matter of fact, personal data that identify physical persons are integratedFor this reason, it is absolutely important to make sure that all the basic features that make the management comply with the rules on the protection of sensitive information are always present on the platform. always present on the platform.In order to avoid security threats to business data, the management system should be able to guarantee some elements, among which: 

  • access protected by user and password;
  • secure access password;
  • views established according to the user’s role;
  • secure and anonymous database.

SAP keeps your company safe through accurate business profiling projects of users. SAP Let’s find out how.

SAP, the most advanced management system in the world, has among its main features that of being an integrated platform: this means that inside a single ERP takesplace an overall implementation of all that regards business life, including sensitive data that cover 360 degrees business activity. From billing to logistics, from human resources to the assets, and so on. All in strict compliance with GDPR protocols to guarantee safety and transparency.  

In addition, according to SAP standards, it is possible to indicate safely and rigorously the wholeorganizational chart inside the management, deciding which actions can be performed by certain users and limiting the scope of action according to the business task.

Both in the initial phase of the project and during the go live, areas of competence are definedwith care and precision, reflecting the corporate ladde within the management and closely observing the different roles and borders. SAP In other words, SAP is capable of perfectly reflecting the organizational chart, without putting at risk the safety of operators’ actions in the field of different business activities.

Advantages are clear: business roles indicated in SAP SAP are 100% controlled, SAPthey are secure and guaranteed, and there is no way of creating abnormal situations inside the system. With SAP, in short, the tasks are always inserted in patterns with well-defined boundaries, able to reflect the roles played by farm operators. The taskof every single user is, indeed, controlled by parameters:

every operator can perform exclusively allowed actions.  Moreover, with the new interface SAP Fioriauthorisations are even more restricted: inside the launchpad, indeed, there are onlyapps of interest for every single user. The whole thing is managed by authorisation profiles created at the design stage.  

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