Con Software Business

you can simplify and automate your business’s key processes

With Software Business Ltd., you can simplify and automate your business’s key processes with the latest ERP software generation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) such as SAP S/4HANA for SAP Business All-in-One. Performed on the SAP HANA In-Memory database, these comprehensive ERP solutions specific to the industry help accelerate innovation and growth at record speed and guarantee the success in the digital economy.

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With this solution:

  • Benefit from an industry-leading ERP system with experience gained from 25 sectors and over 55 countries
  • Accelerate the adoption by users through a personalized and intuitive user experience from any device
  • Improve financial performance through tighter internal controls and greater visibility
  • Develop new business models by connecting people, devices and business networks in real time
  • Ensure a go live quickly and cost by leveraging the best practices and the experience of a trusted SAP partners

SAP Business All-in-One solutions address the needs of mid-sized companies looking for a complete and integrated solution for getting the most from their company management.

Unlike other business software on the market, SAP Business All-in-One offers companies an integrated, industry-specific and configurable product to help manage the accounting, human resources, procurement, stock, production, logistics, product development, business services, customer support, sales and marketing.

SAP Business All-in-One is a comprehensive solution for SMEs that can help improve financial management, maintain operational excellence and enhance competitive agility.
Thanks to SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) method designed for production companies, wholesale trade and services that require industry-specific functionality, the project will be developed in a short time at a low price with reduced risks and a rapid return on investment.

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