Implementing a SAP system is a journey that can make a significant impact on business procedures and dynamics.

Go Live SAP is in a certain way the output of this process: in fact, it refers to the moment of going into production. It therefore concerns the final phase of the SAP ERP evolution or implementation project.

GO Live is the destination of arrival of a process that involves the company with the support of a team of consultants. All the steps of the journey are fundamental.

What is Go Live SAP, then? It is the final step of a journey that comes with a long and complex work.

To get to Go Live, as a matter of fact, all the preparatory phases are crucial. Let’s take a brief look at the fundamental steps to go into production with SAP ERP in your company.

There are two key moments in the Go Live process:

  • The training phase, in which key users are enabled to carry out their activities and tasks in SAP, from the first day of actual use of the new SAP management system.  The goal is to reach Go Live with resources fully aware of the tools and their use. There are various methods of delivering the training plan: it is possible, in fact, to provide one-to-one models, group seminars with several operators involved, or to train only pre-selected key users in agreement with the management, who will then be in charge of training the other employees involved in the process. The methods vary according to the specifics of the company and the goals of management. 
  • The testing phase, in which a double verification is conducted: on the one hand, that there are no system errors, and on the other that the processes mapped to the system meet the customer’s needs in every way.

The data preparation phase is also important. This phase focuses on the need to transfer all the company’s data from the previous system to the new one being implemented. It is also possible to modulate the method of data retrieval by choosing from which sources, by which methods, and what type of data to import and which to leave out

Once all these steps are successfully completed, by meeting scheduled deadlines, the information system goes into production.  

Software Business, SAP Partner Open Ecosystem, has massive experience in SAP implementation projects. We provide all the necessary support, with dedicated consultants on site or remotely. Our service, finalised to support the user in the new procedures and to manage eventual criticalities, is essential for the correct use of the system. In order to have a successful Go Live, it is essential to prevent any kind of critical situation and solve it in a timely manner.

Software Business operates from a win-win perspective: customer satisfaction, who is able to draw all possible benefits from the new implementation, and consequently that of our company.