Dear Ida,

you were my first collaborator, we started the company together and from day one you dedicated your time to our challenge with a lot of passion.
You have always been close to me even when things weren't going well and you gave me the courage to continue and always believe in it.
In addition to being a great collaborator, you were first of all a true friend, also present outside the workplace and close to me and my family.
Sometimes we also quarreled and discussed divergent positions, but always in a constructive way and your point of view helped me to understand and listen to others too.
May your example of dedication, sense of duty and closeness guide our company also in the future so as to make your memory always alive among us!
See you soon my sweet friend, Massimiliano.

Annual Day of Cancer Prevention and Donations

The Software Business, in memory of Ida, has promoted an internal initiative by dedicating a day of prevention for the most common cancers: for men with the prostate, and for women with breasts. In addition, the company has chosen to donate a paid day and the reimbursement of the checks carried out.
In addition to the above, an operating margin budget will be dedicated each year to initiatives in favor of associations for the needy.

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