It has only existed for a few years but it’s already a key tool for many companies: Sap Analytics Cloud is the platform released by SAP in 2017 that allows business intelligence to be introduced into business activities like never before. SAC takes your company into the future.

In 2018, BARC the BI Survey saw SAC triumph as the best business intelligence tool on the market, taking as reference the two dimensions ofuser experience and the added value it is able to bring to the company. The global giant of corporate consulting Gartner, on the other hand, places SAC on top of the "visionary" tools every year..

Sap Analytics Cloud is a door wide open to new technologies, such as machine learning. It’s software based entirely on cloud technology, safe and fully integrated: without the need to look outside its environment, it supports decision-making processes through a simple interface and an attractive design.
Three main features offered by SAC we have:

  • Analysis of historical data;
  • Economic and financial planning;
  • Analysis Predictive.

All this in one integrated, completeand effective platform. SAC has no rivals in terms of completeness and range of action.

Let’s start with the connection between SAC and source systems: the platform developed by SAP has the advantage of being able to connect to a myriad of data sources (files, sources on management systems, SQL servers and much more, both in the cloud and on premise).
Two types of connection that SAC offers inside: with live connections,the operator has the possibility to get a view of the data, updated and in real time. The other mode is the import data connection,through which you get the physical copy of the data within the software.

Once the connection is created, the intermediate phase of data modeling is reached.
At this stage, the data are stored in a logical structure on which to perform cleaning and manipulation of the data model. Finally, the third phase: history, with which the operator, processing raw data, can create the dashboard that "tells" your business.. The analyzed data are here virtualized in graphs or tables, with which to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the company. In the history phase, the features are multiple: you can create geographic maps, set filters, highlight variances, use native machine learning algorithms and much more.

Below are the main advantages of Sap Analytics Cloud compared to other competitive business intelligence tools:

  • Security:SAC has an internal security system that allows you to set permission levels to access the data.As far as external security is concerned, all data transport from back systems to SAC takes place using an HTTPS protocol (encrypted data transfer), which prevents any leakage. In addition, when creating live connections, the data is only displayed and not physically transferred.
  • User experience: Simple to use, SAC provides a complete, simple and intuitive user experience. Tables created in stories work in the same way as spreadsheets. In addition, you can install an add-on on excel to communicate the two environments and get the maximum functionality of both tools.
  • Cost: Unlike other platforms, for which the costs for analysis software are increasing as the size of the company increases, SAC has a fixed, clear and transparent cost, to be put on budget without changes.
  • Mobile: with SAC your company can enter on the era of business intelligence even using mobile devices, wherever and at any time, thanks to the app released for Android and iOS.
  • Planning capabilities: one of the main elements of differentiation, that is the modality of economic-financial planning integrated. For the first time we have a tool capable of integrating data from Actual, Budget and Forecast and identify, effectively and with considerable time savings, key business drivers, predict future trends and set what-if scenarios.

Always in an integrated perspective, SAC also makes available in-house a tool for collaboration and sharing of material between users, useful for organizing and monitoring work within the company context.

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