SAP HANA is a platform that promises to change the market in a hyper-connected world and continues to accelerate. Today it is an instrument for SMEs at affordable prices to enable them to manage processes and business decisions in real time.

SAP HANA is the first solution based on SAP in-memory computing and innovative technology that is capable of analyzing an enormous amount of data in real time. There is no need to convert, aggregate or index data because the software and hardware are combined. All data is available in the main memory and processed in time. The result is a simplified architecture and; therefore, there is a significant reduction of complexity, expectations and of course cost.

Quickly being able to access the operational information is critical to any business. Complex analysis and predictive analysis such as simulation and planning are developed by SAP HANA in a state of the art form and the results can be immediately viewed. All key operating information, even from different sources, is available in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, at different levels of detail.
SAP HANA potentiates various SAP applications, even customized solutions, and non-SAP integrations.
SAP HANA is available via equipment or via cloud. An international SAP partner, such as Dell, Cisco, IBM, HP, or Fujitsu, provides hardware with an Intel processor.

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Why Choose SAP HANA?

  1. Single platform that is capable of handling major real-time business processes.
  2. Faster and smarter decisions through analysis and reporting are immediately available.
  3. Infrastructure leaner and easier to control to reduce the maintenance costs.
  4. Performs any type of query data at speeds and volumes never seen before.
  5. It contains a set of applications developed specifically to enhance and speed up your SAP Business