Company of excellence in the food industry, developed on a globally recognized brand, and the most advanced and innovative management system on the market to win the challenge of the future. To use the words of Christian Fisauli, the Pastificio Garofalo chief financial officer, it was “love at first sight” between Pastificio Garofalo and SAP. In this interview, Fisauli explains his personal and professional experience with SAP and the Software Business consultants that have found a tailored and cutting-edge solution for a leading company in the food industry.  

Pasta Garofalo, a nationally and internationally recognized brand. Which are the strengths of your company?

Undoubtedly, the product quality, a mission to which our company never made any compromises. Then, there is certainly our way of communicating our product, telling first of all the values and passions of people in the company.

Which are the SAP solutions identified for your company by the Software Business consultants that have facilitated you the most?

Pastificio Garofalo is a historical reality whose origins date back to the end of the eighteenth century. Instead, the company that we know today was founded in the ‘80s. In 2005, thanks to a brilliant intuition of the chief operating officer, Gianni Schisa, SAP system was introduced in the company. The target was to identify a business processes governance system. Today, compared to then, Pastificio Garofalo has more than tripled its turnover and has had a huge growth. SAP turned out to be an excellent choice because it represents a real competitive advantage for companies. I can say that SAP helps me daily work better on every front, in particular in reviewing the business processes to make them better and better. 

How the SAP solutions have succeeded in improving efficiency in business processes?

In my view, to make the best use of SAP potentialities, we need a vision: it is an amazing tool, someone might say it’s “stiff”, but I think it is flexible in its stiffness. SAP allowed me to have all that I wanted: planning, prediction, explosion and data analysis. 

In the transition from the old ERP to SAP and in the formation processes for the applications setting, how much important was the support of Software Business consultants for your company?

The Software Business consultants entered the company in 2011 and I can say I have found a highly skilled team, both on the human side and on the professional. Any request was fulfilled, we completed plenty of SAP developments. The aspect I would like to highlight most is that we are a team. There is a big feeling. When I do have a vision about a project, they achieve exactly what I have in mind. 

Internationalization is essential for companies' competitiveness. Recently, Software Business created a solution for Garofalo Nordic that allows you to monitor a series of operational, logistic and financial actions from Italy. Which are the advantages?

In this case, we are talking about a firm controlled at 100% by Pastificio Garofalo. The advantages are considerable: we need to control the product from the purchasing of raw materials to the sale to the consumer. With SAP implementation in our swedish controlled company, we are able to monitor and control the products logistical movements, the financial side and, especially, we free the resources from the managerial duties, giving them the ability to focus all their efforts on business. 

Covid-19 emergency caused great damage to the economy. As a result of the economic crisis, many believe that the companies that will still be able to compete will be those with more technology. What is your opinion on this?

Even if it represented a disaster to the world, this event can push us to find new production and logistic solutions for all those companies that until today were reluctant to open up to innovative elements, like technological development or ecommerce. In an already global market, it is time to be fully aware that the technological aspect is a fundamental part to maintain and develop the business.