01 Help Desk

The Software Business Srl Help Desk service is made up of a team of SAP expert consultants, available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00. In case of special needs there is also an extra working time service.


Main advantages of the Help Desk:

  • represents a central point of contact for all customers
  • provides assistance for the use of SAP products and services
  • provides technical assistance and general information on every aspect of the service
  • allows the traceability of activities
  • offers greater timeliness in receiving activities
  • allows a classification of requests received based on priority
  • makes it possible to check the progress of a request
  • allows you to trace the person responsible in case of failure to take charge of the problem
  • provides greater efficiency and effectiveness in solving problems
  • it gives the opportunity to immediately receive information being always available to those in need
  • measures the level of service offered to the customer
  • allows the constant improvement of the service based on customer feedback

02 Application Management

The Application Management Service (AMS) provides operational support activities on the functional and process scope of the SAP ERP system. The Application Management Service is a modular service capable of covering corrective maintenance and small evolutionary maintenance of SAP applications. The service is normally offered through the use of a Competence Center which, operating directly from the customer and / or remotely from the offices, acts on the customer's applications.

Application Management Service Services:

  • Identification and classification of errors
  • Removal of malfunctions
  • Maintenance on SAP modules implemented in the various environments
  • Management of periodic operations of high technological content
  • Application support for the installation of Hot Packages
  • Application maintenance of safety profiles
  • Management through SAP OSS service of malfunctions on standard SAP modules
  • Management of the SAP transport system for the application of corrective solutions
  • Customization of modules
  • Insertion of new features
  • Customizations on specific user requests
  • Performance Improvement Analysis
  • Analysis for quality improvement
  • Adaptation of applications following legislative or organizational changes of the customer
    Implementation of queries
  • Adaptation and realization of the printing forms

03 System Management

Software Business Ltd.’s technology area carries out the design, implementation and management of IT SAP innovative solutions for the management of business processes.

The services offered include:

  • design, implementation and management of innovative SAP IT solutions for the management of corporate business processes
  • Design and Implementation of the Infrastructure Server
  • System Management and Operation
  • Tuning and Optimization
  • Migration and Upgrade
  • Consolidation and Distribution Systems
  • Security Management

System Management&Operation

The systems management requires highly qualified industry expertise and a strong flexibility, speed and methods in the management of crises.
In addition, companies need to focus on their “core business”: what shows their need for outsourcing those processes that can be implemented effectively and the economies of scale from the partner with high technological skills.
Software Business Ltd. is able to give a concrete and effective response to these needs, ensuring its clients ongoing support, immediate and qualified for the stability and the continued productivity of SAP Business Critical Systems.
Through analysis and assessment, Software Business Ltd. is able to design, implement and manage the service according to customers’ specific business needs, the best practices and the right integration of the functionality of their Solutions Software and SAP Solution Manager.

Software Business Ltd. has a highly qualified competence center for performance analysis and the tuning of the SAP systems. Specialists are able to identify existing problems in hardware, systemic and technical application, classify and prioritize the anomalies found and give the customer the solution to the crisis in the next steps.

Migration & Upgrade
Upgrade solutions and SAP architecture mean introducing innovative elements – both in terms of functionality and in terms of technology – a business development support with key benefits for your business. In the short term, this allows you to keep maintenance costs through rationalization and standardization of the applications and at the same time, it allows the continuous improvement of systems and process optimization.
Software Business Ltd. implements migrate SAP systems for its customers to ensure the least amount of impact on the company’s business with careful and effective management of the business. It helps companies maximize their investments in their IT systems.

Thanks to the many successfully implemented and upgrading of their technical skills, Software Business Ltd. offers a complete service and a flexible approach strategy that delivers almost the entire project remotely while reducing the costs.