Software Business and Caffè Borbone go-live for coffee 4.0

Intuiting the right path before others, in business, often means opening the doors to success. An example in this sense comes from the history of the winning collaboration born between two companies of excellence in their respective fields: Caffè Borbone and Software Business. The first, a reality now consolidated at national level, and one of the most recognizable brands in the sector of the production of pods and capsules. The second, partner company SAP® Open Ecosystem, which can boast 15 years of experience and success in the field of management consulting. management consulting. Together they have literally brought roasting into the future by creating the "coffee 4.0", thanks to a software capable of a much more smart and effective management. A project that, in the same words of the Caffè Borbone team, was a triumph and an important lever of competitiveness for the company. 


The turning point and the strategic advantage
"The excellences already present in our company - explains Francesco Vitobello, Operations Director Caffè Borbone - had to necessarily begin to be supported also by a structure of equal level in the field of back-office". The story becomes enthusiastic when you go to list the advantages acquired with the adoption of the system SAP®. "We went from a management system that interfaced with the production software, to one that in fact 'speaks' directly to the production software, making available a large amount of data to be developed, previously managed in a much more limited way, through spreadsheets - says Attilio D'Angelo, Production Manager -  Together with Software Business we have developed the entire distinct basis of the various products. In this way we keep the warehouses on time and costs well monitored. With SAP®, all this is possible with a simple click!"."We have contained the problems of management of warehouse - evidences Luigi De Gregorio, Responsible Supply Chain - speeding up the operations of picking, shipment, tracing every single box and pallet, thanks to the insertion of the radiofrequency in warehouse".

Business and Bourbon Coffee Software: a "happy migration" towards SAP®
"I didn’t think I could, already on the first day of go-live, start fifty systems without having any kind of interface problem between our production system and SAP® - adds Attilio D'Angelo - . Everything is perfectly square". "It was a very positive go-live - says Luigi De Gregorio -  , during which all the problems were already limited in the analysis phase, thanks to the support of Software Business technicians".

A mutual satisfaction
Problem solving,proactive attitude and technical skills were the winning elements of the Software Business team. "We chose Software Business for three main reasons: flexibility, flexibility and reactivity - testifies Raffaele Mormile, Owner Officina 71, Project Management SAP® Caffè Borbone - It was the company that exhibited the best quality-ratioprice in terms of professionalism and economy. Of Software Business I also appreciated the team that has always expressed cohesion and proactive vision".

The future is already now
A successful partnership, that developed between Caffè Borbone and Software Business, which opens up new growth opportunities for the Neapolitan coffee company.  "Today we need to create a database that allows management to choose, to evaluate business opportunities or risks - says Patrizia Prunotto, Managing Director Caffè Borbone - The real investment of SAS is knowing how to use it".. "This year and 2020 will be the years of our consolidation especially in northern Italy - Francesco Vitobello enthusiastically confirms, relaunching the challenge to the future - but from 2021 all our attention will be directed to foreign markets".

The goal of annual growth of 30% is no longer enough for the Caffè Borbone team, and it is aiming higher and higher. New ambitious goals await all those companies able to look to the future with enthusiasm, thanks to SAP® and an exceptional ally as Software Business.


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