A SAP additional component able to support companies to print all the data useful for the company in a simple and immediate way: it is Sap Adobe Interactive Forms, the management system tool designed to make printing automatic, born from the strategic partnership with Adobe.

Adobe Interactive Forms is organised into modules designed with an interface that integrates the documents and data that are then transferred to the final form (tables, structures, images, or other content). All the elements defined in the interface are then transferred to the form, which is the most detailed part of the document: this is all the most relevant company data, from invoices to sales and purchase orders. When it comes to printing such complex documents, critical issues can arise, which is why Sap Adobe Interactive Forms was developed. The forms can be used to prepare all business documents that need to be printed, regardless of type and format, in the SAP environment, automating the entire process.

With Adobe Interactive Forms thanks to the latest updates, you can:

  • Create interactive forms; 
  • Have printed products with a more appealing look; 
  • Make print blocks more rounded and add colour gradients.

In the SAP S/4 Hana system, all Fiori apps interface with this type of print functionality. This makes the use of Adobe Interactive Forms even more central and essential for any type of document.